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Sunfisher Studios


whole, creative & flexible 

Don't feel like these words describe you? 

All the more reason to schedule your call now.

Get personalized reminders, skills & tools 

to help ease pain/discomfort, manage anxiety, 

& help shift your perspective as you adjust 

to transitions life drops at your door.

Life is ever changing, and the pace 

sometimes gets frenetic. 

You can jump off that wheel. 

Remember that there is enough... 

and that you are more.

I remember

I'm Diane. My niblings call me Aunt DiDi. I'm old enough to be a lot of folks aunt for sure!


I am a Tour Guide, Host & Creator who teaches you how to Embrace, Heal & Stretch You. Help you remember your Juicy. Your Muchness. Offers you a pausing place, helps you to create sacred space & sacred spaces.

This work is rooted in Love. A deep Eozoic level of Love that oozes Empathy, dwells in Possibility, walks in Action & stands in Accountability.

I offer you my hand...

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Hi & Welcome!

Online Spring Gathering

 8 weeks in a collective online space, 

exploring & celebrating Bodies, 

connecting deeper with Self & Spirit, 

communing in love with Practice & People.  

Doors open in March 2022

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My ministry includes...