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Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT

agitator | educator | facilitator

Divine Darkness ~ Retreat Into You 

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agitator = wave maker



  1. a person who urges others to protest or rebel.

  2. an apparatus for stirring liquid, as in a washing machine or a photographic developing tank.

Agitator. The word alone often stirs up things in people. My mom audibly cringed when I told her about new latest business cards. I had one woman laughingly say "I have one of those at home" in reference to her husband. Another womon said "I don't want an agitator for a massage therapist." Ummm... actually you do.

Our bodies are made up of 50-75% water. Yes, your body too. Nerves, bones, muscles, some other fascinating stuff, and a whole lotta liquid. Research it and come back, I'll wait... 

...anyhoo, those aches & pains you're feeling in your back/neck/hip, shoulder/head/whole body? It may be due to a lack of fluidity (like when blood can't flow into that area because you're muscles are too tight) or a lack of fluid (like when you haven't drank nearly as much water as you thought you did). Either way, massage agitates things and may be able to help get you moving easier and feeling less pain. 

Hi, I'm Diane. Queer/Dyke/Lesbian, White, Womanist, Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, certified Neuro-Muscular Therapist, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master, I am passionate about the power of positive touch, connecting with Nature and People, and elevating all of Us. I am committed to growing, stretching, sharing and laughing every day. 

What do I do?

  • I help you breathe deeper & move easier
  • I help build connection to self & community
  • I help open pathways & shift stagnancy
  • I help inspire creativity & flexibility
  • I help us remember that love is a verb

How do I do these things?

  • Consultations: in-person/on-line
  • Bodywork: massage therapy/energy healing
  • Experiences: workshops/retreats/events
  • Creativity: custom artwork/spaces/places
  • Celebration: endings/middles/beginnings

Why do I do these things?

  • Simply stated... I follow the path God is leading me down. Blessedly, she understands when I sometimes drag my feet.
  • Also, it's really just about me getting comfortable with sharing more of Me with You, and then helping you get more comfortable with You. 
  • Because you are worthy.

If you're ready to connect, click here

What does that mean for clients? 

  • Our work will involve just enough pressure to get results & meet you where you're at, with bodywork, classes or workshops.

  • Spiritual, creative & natural approach to the work.
  • Acceptance of all gender identities, sexualities & bodies.
  • Understanding of abuse, addiction & trauma histories.
  • Connecting to your whole self ~ body & soul, to your spaces & places, to your family & community.

It starts by clicking here