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Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT


consider this invitation

to pause

take a breath

exhale slowly

loosen your jaw,

lower your shoulders

exhale deeply 

let yourself be

simply BE You

as you are

practice grace

gentleness & ease

stretch into now


surf life's waves

shine light into darkness

feed your fire

heal our wounds

practice community

create change

yes please

Hi, I'm Diane. 

My niblings call me Aunt DiDi. 

You can call me Diane, Diana or something else we agree on. 

Being/staying in these human bodies isn't always easy... 

multitudes of reasons. systemic oppression, oligarchy, patriarchy, capitalism included 

...which is why my work & life are rooted into pleasure, possibility & practice. 

Currently I am offering walk & talks, 

moon celebrations, body & soul sessions in Lovelandmassage therapy in Mason; sanctuary sessions, on-site chair massage, life celebrations throughout Ohio; workshops & events online.  

Explore this site & message me to get something scheduled or questions answered.

Stay curious, Di



have you heard? you can now listen on spotify 

feed your spirit, feed your health