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Diane Fisher, LMT, NMT

agitator | educator | facilitator

I am also a Universal Life Church ordained minister, licensed in Ohio. Raised in a family that consists mostly of Christians and Catholics, I am passionate about reverence and ritual. Taking time each day to pray, or express appreciation, are vital pieces of our well-being; and finding ritual in even our day-to-day chores can lead to profound rewards. My church experiences have been varied throughout the years, and these days I generally prefer to attend the church of Mother Nature.

 Whether you speak of God, Goddess, Spirit or none of these, I can work with you to create the celebration that you want and deserve.   

Life Celebrations

Weddings | Handfastings

Commitment Ceremonies

Welcoming Rituals

Funerals | Transitions

Home | Office Blessings

SCHEDULE a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your wedding/funeral/birth/ritual/celebration.

[email protected] | 740.972.8069